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About the Practitioner

Barbara Lucchese, CMT, NCBTMB

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist/ Somatic Detective

  • International Professional School of Massage, San Diego, California
  • Mueller College of Massage, San Diego, California
  • Sports Massage Training Institute, Costa Mesa, California

Identifying and boldly accepting negative habits and patterns that have formed us for so long allow us to face things head on. It can be a great source of empowerment and transformation. This leads us on a journey of discovery and healing. If we allow the discovery to be a source of excitement in lieu of dread, then an entire new world of potential opens up.

I am a two-time cancer survivor. From 1999-2009 I learned quite a bit about the body and mind. It is my hope that I may inspire others to care for themselves and others, whatever their journey in life brings them.

I started my massage practice in 1997.  I had no idea it would transform my life and help with more than just feeling relaxed. A small list of my work experience includes: chiropractor offices, orthopaedic rehab clinics, day spas, corporate, IronMan Triathalon (Kona, HI), Whole Foods and sporting events (chair massage).

If you or someone you know is experiencing cancer,  PTSD, in the military or just having a rough day, I suggest a gift certificate to come and see me. Along with proper medical care, massage on a regular basis just might be the support they need to help the healing process.

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